Some selected nice reviews . . . or the nice bits of reviews!

Whiz Kid Science

By Anna Claybourne (Wayland (UK) and Capstone (USA))

“The large text and humorous illustrations appealed to the students in my third grade class. The hands on activities were easy to read and fun to follow. The reluctant readers were fully engaged…”

“At first I thought that the books were good, but didn’t really stand out. As I took a closer look, I found that the experiments were new, not the same ones that I have seen over and over again.”

“…wonderful, easy to follow experiments, which can be implemented as part of the curriculum.”

“These books belong on any science teacher’s shelf. Wait, not shelf, in the hands of the students… My students were asking when they could do the next experiment. What I even loved was how my students were telling me how they needed one of the experiments to better understand the lesson. They just loved using the book.”

Teachers’ Choice Awards judges’ comments, 2016

Stories from Shakespeare

Retold by Anna Claybourne (Usborne Publishing)

“A wonderful gift for children retelling some of Shakespeare’s best-known plays in story form. The ten tales range from A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Hamlet and include quotations, characters and context. Beautifully illustrated by Elena Temporin.”
The Guardian Christmas Book selection, 2004

“This wonderful book introduces young readers to the magnificent world of Shakespeare’s plays. Claybourne does an excellent job of translating the theatrical works into highly readable stories that can be enjoyed silently or as a family. In addition she includes details about his life and work, to enable children to imagine Elizabethan times. A splendid look at everything from Hamlet to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this is not to be missed.”
The Good Book Guide

The Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body

By Anna Claybourne (Usborne Publishing)

“This book is exceptionally visual throughout with lavish photographs and superbly detailed cut-away diagrams, and … concise, enlightening information about the human body… performs as a superb stand-alone resource.”
Times Educational Supplement, 22 October 2004

The Usborne Introduction to Genes and DNA

By Anna Claybourne (Usborne Publishing)

“…clear and concise descriptions of the key concepts in the genetic revolution, wrapped round with lavish illustrations and slick photographs. You’ll find the odd interesting nugget even if you are thoroughly familiar with the material…”
New Scientist, 21 June 2003

“This beautifully produced book uses striking pictures and clear explanations to provide a introduction to genetics that will interest adults as well as children… As well as covering reproduction, inheritance and the history of genetics, the book looks at genetic medicine, genetic engineering, cloning and designer babies. It also takes a balanced look at the ethical issues surrounding genetics.”

The Computer Dictionary for Beginners

By Anna Claybourne (Usborne Publishing)

“[the] Computer Dictionary for Beginners is excellent… the book squeezes an incredible amount of useful stuff into its 64 illustrated pages. Books of this quality demonstrate that, in the right hands, information itself can inspire.”
New Scientist, 28 October 1995

“… a very user-friendly resource. It’s ideal for all aspiring members of the digital generation.”
Books for Keeps, 1 January 1996