I’ve been thinking about Möbius strips recently, so for my first blog post, here’s how to amaze your friends/yourself!

You need a sheet of card or paper, scissors and sticky tape.

Cut a strip from the long side of the card.  Make it quite wide, about 3-4cm, as you will be cutting it in half later.  (Or WILL you?)








Bring the ends around to make a loop, then flip one of the ends over before taping them together.






This is your Möbius strip. It has only one side. Run your finger along it, and you’ll find you go along both the outside, and the inside, of the loop before getting back to where you started. (To double-check this, you can draw along it with a pen.)

Now the best bit. Use pointed scissors (with adult help if necessary) to cut into the strip, like this.








Then cut along the middle of the strip, all the way around, until you get back to where you started.  What happens? Did you manage to cut it in two?

You can take things a step further by taking what you now have, and cutting *that* in two along the middle. Curiouser and curiouser! 


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