Whiz Kid Science

By Anna Claybourne (Wayland (UK) and Capstone (USA))

“The large text and humorous illustrations appealed to the students in my third grade class. The hands on activities were easy to read and fun to follow. The reluctant readers were fully engaged…”

“At first I thought that the books were good, but didn’t really stand out. As I took a closer look, I found that the experiments were new, not the same ones that I have seen over and over again.”

“…wonderful, easy to follow experiments, which can be implemented as part of the curriculum.”

“These books belong on any science teacher’s shelf. Wait, not shelf, in the hands of the students…┬áMy students were asking when they could do the next experiment. What I even loved was how my students were telling me how they needed one of the experiments to better understand the lesson. They just loved using the book.”

Teachers’ Choice Awards judges’┬ácomments, 2016

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